Faerûnian Pantheon

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On the small world knows as Toril, a place often forgotten by the deities of the planes, a whole new batch of gods is rising to prominence. Within the last centuries, they've made inroads to establishing themselves as planar powers, bursting out with a speed rivaled only by today's strongest pantheons. Does this spell a new era for the Outer Planes?

That's doubtful. New gods are new gods, and no matter how powerful or subtle they might have been on their prime-material worlds, they've got to learn the ropes of the planes if they hope to survive. That proves tougher than most are prepared for.

Interestingly, while most planar gods consider Tolis a backwater, a few have sent priests to the world, looking to augment their strength by gathering more worshippers. The best example is Tyr of the Norse pantheon; sliding slowly from recognition by his own people, he's managed to establish himself quite strongly on Toril, gaining enough believers to keep him from drifting away onto the Astral.

Others have joined Tyr, including Mielikki and Loviatar of the Finnish pantheon (Loviatar probably chased after Mielikki, who she's always hated), and Silvanus and Oghma of the Celts. What's more, the Faerunian powers Beshaba and Tymora seem to have received some kind of influence from Tyche of the Greek pantheon. And it's likely that this list will grow, as more and more planar gods decide to reestablish themselves or reach for more power.

The Faerunian Powers

Ao Deities, balance
Auril Cold weather
Azuth Mages
Bane Tyranny, hatred
Beshaba Mischief, bad luck
Chauntea Agriculture
Cyric Strife, murder, illusion, intrigue, deception
Deneir Literature, arts
Eldath Peace, pools, groves
Gond Artifice, craft, somthing
Helm Endurance, protection
Ilmater Endurance, suffering
Kelemvor Death, the dead
Lathander Spring, dawn, birth
Lliira Joy, dance, freedom
Loviatar Pain, torture
Malar Hunters, beasts, blood
Mask Thieves, shadow
Mielikki Forests, rangers
Milil Poetry, song
Mystra Magic, spells
Oghma Knowledge, bards, invention
Selûne Moons, stars, wanderers
Shar Dark, night, loss
Shaundakul Travel, exploration
Silvanus Nature, forests, druids
Sune Beauty, love, passion
Talona Disease, poison
Talos Storms, destruction, earthquakes
Tempus War, warriors
Torm Duty, loyalty
Tymora Skill, good fortune
Tyr Justice
Umberlee Ocean, sea winds
Waukeen Trade, money, wealth