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"Judge of the Damned"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Death, the dead
Symbol: Skeletal arm
holding scales
Home P/L/R: Gray Waste/Oinos/
the Crystal Spire

Like Cyric and Mystra, Kelemvor was once mortal, and that not too long ago. Though he'd spent more time as a mortal than they did, Kelemvor took the responsibilities of godhood more quickly than either of them.

As a greater power, and the god of death at that, he refuses to give in to his former human emotions. Sure, it's likely he'll revert after a few hundred years or so, but for row, he acts as much as he always figured powers should act - though perhaps he's a bit more just and fair than most powers of the Gray Waste. Kelemvor's not too clever, but he learns well, and he'll get the hang of it in time - or at least he'd better.

When Cyric lost his portfolio as the power of death, Kelemvor was assigned to take over as the judge of the dead and arbiter of the placement of the deceased. His first act was to make the Bone Castle (Cyric's old kip) into the Crystal Spire, so that any basher who cared could plainly see that Kelemvor executed his duties as fairly as possible.

'Course, Cyric isn't happy about losing his portfolio, and Kelemvor keeps a close eye on his former rival. But the new power of death also desires the goddess Mystra, and he seeks an alliance with the Morninglord Lathander - a traditional enemy of the dead (or rather, the undead).

One thing Kelemvor doesn't seem to grasp is the draining influence of the Gray Waste. Unless he erects some walls around his own emotions, it's likely he'll suffer the same fate as the other long-time powers of the plane: apathy.