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Below is a list of the changes to vanilla feats, as well as new general, martial and caster feats. Make sure to check the Classes page for your class as most have received significant changes from vanilla and have other features that may not be listed here.

Feat Changes

Martial Feats

Ambidexterity: Grants two-weapon fighting as a bonus feat.

Knockdown/Improved Knockdown: Now has a 3 round cooldown after use.

Expertise: +5 dodge AC, -2 AB, -15% damage.

Improved Expertise: +10 dodge AC, -4 AB, -30% damage.

Power Attack/Improved Power Attack: -2 AB for +4 Damage and -4 AB for +8 damage.

Whirlwind Attack: Retired feat.

Weapon Specialization: No longer requires Fighter 4 to take, now obtainable on any class as it is required to access certain feat lines. Damage improved from +2 to +3.

Cleave: Requires 1 BAB. No longer requires Power Attack.

Great Cleave: Requires 5 BAB and cleave. Causes your next attack following a killing blow to deal damage to all targets within a limited range of you.

Defensive Roll: Unlimited times per day.

Weapon Finesse: Is given to all base classes at level two for free. The following weapons can be used as finesse weapons: Shortsword, Longsword, Bastard Sword, Flail, Light Mace, Two Bladed Sword, Dagger, Club, Dire Mace, Double Axe, Light Hammer, Kama, Katana, Kukri, Quarterstaff, Rapier, Short Spear, Sickle, Trident, and Whips.

Toughness: Changed to add +3 HP per level.

Epic Dodge: Your dexterity modifier is applied to your Dodge chance twice.

Dodge: Also gives +1% Dodge chance to the unique Dodge mechanic.

Devastating Critical: Requires Epic Prowess, Double Hit, 22 base Strength. Physical damage of critical strikes is increased by your strength modifier multiplied by the base crit multiplier of your weapon.

Class Features

Divine Wrath: Free action. Unlimited uses per day with a 3 charge system each with separate 5 minute cooldowns.

Divine Might/Shield: Free actions.

Lay on Hands: Unlimited use with a 5-minute cooldown. Damages the living and heals the undead when the user is of an evil alignment. Furthermore, if you have blackguard levels, 3+BG levels add to the damage calculation.

Rage/Frenzy: Free action to activate.

Turn Undead: Evil characters can rebuke instead of turn undead.

Epic Feats

Armor Skin: From +2 untyped AC to +3 untyped AC.

Blinding Speed: Duration of x2 Hitdice(Level). Free action to activate.

Epic Prowess: From +1 untyped AB to +2 untyped AB.

Epic Spell Focus: From +6 bonus to DCs from a spell school to +8.


Arcane Defence: Requires 1 rank of spellcraft to take rather than a spell focus.

Willing Deformity: +2 Intimidate Bonus.

Artist: Perform and spot doubled from +2 to +4.

Bloodied: Initiative and Spot doubled from +2 to +4.

Thug: Initiative and Persuade doubled from +2 to +4.

Bullheaded: Will save from +1 to +2 and save vs Taunt from +2 to +4.

Courteous Magocracy: Lore and spellcraft bonus from +2 to +4.

Silver Palm: Persuade and Appraise bonus from +2 to +4.

Snake Blood: Saves against poison from +2 to +4 and Reflex from +1 to +2.

Strong Soul: Saves vs Death increased from +1 to +2.

Mercantile: Appraise from +2 to +4.

Dirty Fighting: Has been improved and now does d20 bonus damage for the first two attacks per round, but caps attacks per round at 2.

Great Fortitude / Iron Will / Lightning Reflexes: From +2 to +3.

New Spellcasting Feats

Practiced Caster: Increases your caster level by two, up to a maximum of your HD. Practiced Caster Arcane works for all arcane classes, and divine works for all divine classes. Characters with both arcane and divine spells will need to take both versions of this feat if they want an increase to both schools of magic. Requires Spellcraft 4

Eg: A 12 Wizard / 8 Fighter would count as caster level 14 with this feat. A level 19 Cleric / 1 Fighter would be CL 20 with this feat.

Improved Decipher Script: Requires Int 14, Spellcraft 15, Decipher Script 15. You now may use your caster level to use scrolls and 'book' offhand items if it's higher than the base level.

Master Implementer: Requires 3rd level spells, Spellcraft 15. You may now use your caster level when using wands, magic staffs, magic rods if it's higher than the base level.

Brewmaster: Requires Brew Potion. You may now use your caster level when drinking potions if it's higher than the base level.

Improved UMD: Requires CHA 16, INT 14, UMD 15, Decipher Script 15. Allows the application of the caster's personal caster level to replace the innate caster level of scrolls, wands, rods, staves and other similar magical devices.

New Summoning Feats

Improved Summoning: Requires Spell Focus Conjuration Increases all non-undead summons by giving them +2 AB, +1 AC, and +1 to all saves.

Augmented Summoning: Requires Improved Summoning, Greater Spell Focus Conjuration Improves non-undead summons by giving them a +4 bonus to their Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. These are not buffs so will not affect the +12 cap.

Epic Summoning: Requires epic, requires improved summoning, requires epic spell focus conjuration. Doubles the effects of Improved Summoning, for a total of +4 AB, +2 AC, +2 all saves.

Improved Animancy: Requires Spell Focus Necromancy Increases all undead summons by giving them +2 AB, +1 AC, and +1 to all saves.

Augmented Animancy: Requires Improved Animancy, Greater Spell Focus Necromancy Improves undead summons by giving them a +4 bonus to their Strength, Dexterity, and Constitution. These are not buffs so will not affect the +12 cap.

Epic Animancy: requires 21st level, Improved Animancy, Epic Spell Focus Necromancy. Doubles the effects of Improved Animancy, for a total of +4 AB, +2 AC, +2 all saves.

Improved Companion: Requires animal companion. Requires +2 BAB. Improves your animal companion scaling by a flat +10%. IE, a level 10 druid would have a +50% scaling pet, with this feat would increase it to +60%. At level 20 it would be a total of +110%.

Empowered Companion: Requires improved companion. Requires +6 BAB. Improves the base stats of the animal companion by +4 strength, dexterity, and constitution. These are applied AFTER scaling, and do not contribute to it.

New Martial Feats

Ranged Feats

Crossbow Expert: The character may use their intelligence attack bonus modifier when shooting a crossbow if it is higher than their dexterity one. Requirements: INT 13.

Precise Shot: The character may take a penalty of reducing their attacks per round by two (minimum of one) in order to ignore the concealment of the target when shooting a crossbow or bow. Toggle. Requirements: Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload OR Rapid Shot.

Crossbow Sniper: The character may add their dexterity or intelligence modifier to the damage they deal with crossbows depending on which is higher. Requirements: Weapon Focus in a crossbow type, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Reload, Precise Shot.

Crippling Shot: After channeling for six seconds, a character can shoot a crippling attack with a DC (14 + Dex vs Fort) that slows the target, makes them more vulnerable to hits, and reduces its accuracy. (-2 AC, -2 reflex, -2 AB, -25% movement speed) Requirements: Basic Attack Bonus +6, Point Blank Shot, Rapid Fire.

Oneshot: After channeling for six seconds, a character can shoot all of their attacks per round in one attack for combined damage. Requirements: Level 18, DEX 22, Precise Shot.

Shield Feats

Small and Large Shields:

Shield Block: Requires 4 BAB. You gain a percent chance equal to your modified block skill to block an attack, reducing the physical damage taken (after other sources of damage reduction) by 15%. This only functions with light or large shields, tower shields are too heavy to maneuver.

Improved Shield Block: Requires Shield Block, 8 BAB. As Shield Block, but the physical damage reduction is increased to 30%.

Shield Slam: Requires Shield Block, 12 BAB. Slam your shield into your target. You roll an attack against them and if successful deal damage equal to your modified shield block value. 30-second cooldown. Shield Slam line feats may only be taken on Fighter, Barbarian, Stalwart Defender, Planar Champion, Eldritch Knight, Divine Champion, Shield Warden, and Stone Lord levels.

Heavy Shield Slam: Requires Shield Slam. When you hit with shield slam, your target must make a reflex save with a DC of (Base Block Skill + 1d20) or be knocked prone for 3 seconds.

Disorienting Shield Slam: Requires Shield Slam. When you hit with shield slam, your target must make a fortitude save with a DC of (Base Block Skill +1d20) or have their current actions canceled. Mechanically this empties the action queue, thus immediately interrupting any spell they are casting.

Divine Bulwark: Req Shield Slam. Req Divine Might. Converts half of the shield slam damage to Divine Damage.

Bodyguard: The character can tether to an ally to act as their guardian. While within 3 meters of that ally, the bodyguard takes 35% of the inflicted physical damage from any successful attack. If cast on the owner of the feat, the tether is broken. Casting it on someone else will renew the tether with a new target. Cooldown: 30 seconds. Requirements: Shield Block.

Block Arrow: Provides 30% concealment against arrows when wearing a small or large shield. Requirements: Shield Block.

Tower Shields:

Tower Shield Proficiency: Requires Shield Proficiency, 14 Strength, 1 BAB. Allows the user to wield tower shields (+4 base AC).

Tower Shield - Critical Block: Requires Tower Shields, 10 BAB, 15 Discipline. While wearing a tower shield, all critical damage you take is reduced by 30%

Tower Shield - Giant Slayer: Requires Tower Shields, 10 BAB, 6 Taunt, 6 Tumble. While wearing a tower shield, you gain -10% damage taken for each size category the attacker is larger than medium, to a maximum of -20%. This effect is always -20% against bosses.

Tower Shield - Rampart: Requires Tower Shields, 15 BAB, Heavy Armor Proficiency, 15 Block, 12 Parry. While wearing a tower shield, you have a chance equal to your block skill to make ranged attacks which would otherwise hit miss, or would otherwise be critical strikes into normal hits.

Tower Shield - Shield Wall: Requires Tower Shields, 15 BAB, Heavy Armor Proficiency, 15 Block, 14 Strength. Active Ability: For 18 seconds take 40% reduced damage from all physical sources. 2 Minute Cooldown. Level 18 general feat only. May not take Unyielding Defense with this feat.

Tower Shield - Unyielding Defense: Requires Tower Shields, 15 BAB, Heavy Armor Proficiency, 15 Block, 14 Strength. Active Ability: For 6 seconds, take 90% reduced damage from most sources. 2 Minute Cooldown. Level 18 general feat only. May not take Shield Wall with this feat.

Armor and Fighting Style Feats

Melee Weapon Mastery: The character gets various bonuses when fighting with a weapon of the type picked. Piercing applies 2% physical vulnerability on every hit (capped at 20% Vulnerability) for 5 rounds, bludgeoning reduces AC by -1 on every hit (up to a total of -6) for 5 rounds, and slashing makes the target bleed for 3 rounds (Highest of either Strength or Dex modifier divided by 3 per round, damage type is bleeding which bypasses physical dr) on every critical strike. Requirements: Weapon focus, Improved Critical, Weapon Specialization (All in the type you wish to pick).

Double Hit: Whenever the character hits an enemy, they have a 15% chance on hit to simulate a full second attack, dealing the total damage of the attack in one single instance of damage. Also applies the effects of Meelee Weapon Mastery Piercing and Bludgeoning on activation to the target. Double hit has a 15% chance to Triple Hit. Requirements: Weapon Focus, Improved Critical, Weapon Specialization, Melee Weapon Mastery.

Oversized Two-Weapon Fighting: When wielding a one-handed weapon in your off-hand, you take penalties for fighting with two weapons as if you were wielding a light weapon in your off-hand. Requirements: Two-Weapon Fighting, STR 13. (NOTE: This will NOT reflect in your character sheet. You will receive a feedback message every time you only hit an enemy due to this feat.)

Two-Weapon Defense + Improved: When the character is dual wielding, it gets a +4/+6 bonus deflection AC. Requirements: Two-Weapon Fighting, DEX 15 / Two-Weapon Defense, DEX 17, BAB +6 (for the Improved version).

Backstab: When attacking from behind the target and with a one-handed small weapon in your main hand, phyisical damage is increased by 30%. Requirements: Level 13, Improved Two-Weapon Fighting.

Improved Sneak Attack: When attacking a target that is immune to critical hits, half of your sneak attack damage is applied. Automatically granted to Rogue at level 10, unavailable to the rest of the classes.

Heavy Armor Optimization + Greater: When you are wearing heavy armor, lessen the armor check penalty of the armor by 1 and increase the armor bonus from dexterity by 1. (3/2 if you have Greater) Requirements: Base attack bonus +4, Armor Proficiency(heavy) / Base attack bonus +8, Armor Proficiency(heavy), Heavy Armor Optimization (For the Greater version).

Armor Specialization: Choose one type of medium or heavy armor with which you are proficient. When wearing masterwork armor (including magic armor) of that type, you gain damage reduction 2/-. Requirements: Base attack bonus +12, Proficiency with selected armor type.

Sweeping Strikes: Requires 8 BAB, 13 Str, and Cleave. -50% damage but your attacks hit up to 5 additional targets. Toggle ability.

Improved Sweeping Strikes: Requires 12 BAB, 16 Str, Sweeping Strikes, and Great Cleave. -30% damage but your attacks hit up to 5 additional targets. Toggle ability.

Improved Weapon Finesse: Requires 10 BAB, 18 Dex. A character with this feat allows them to deal physical damage from their Dexterity modifier instead of their Strength modifier. This is not reflected on the sheet, nor does it affect crits. Damage doesn't always proc on first strike in flurry, but will be added to the next attack that hits instead.


Bloodlines: Only available at level 1. Requires Aasimar or Tiefling. Allows character to have 2 racial traits instead of 1 from their outsider bloodline (Like horns and a tail for a tiefling). Grants a spell like ability. Protection from Evil to Aasimar, Protection from Good to Tiefling.

Outsider Wings: Only available at level 7 or lower, requires Bloodlines. Grants wings and a fly widget. (You need to have these two feats before entering the game proper. You cannot gain Outsider Wings or Bloodlines after level 7, and leaving the character setup room)

System Changes

Resurrection Sickness: Coming back from the dead gives you a -2 debuff to physical abilities. Subsequent deaths increase the debuff by -2, up to -6, lasting until either resting or drinking a Nectar of the Gods.

Tower Shields: Grant +4 base AC and require a proficiency feat, which is given automatically to Fighters, Stalwart Defenders, Shield Wardens, and Clerics with War, Strength, or Protection domain.

Sneak Attack: Touch attacks apply sneak attack damage.

Stealth: 2 round cooldown after breaking stealth.

Two-handed weapons are 2x str mod rather than 1.5x when accounting for str to damage.

All 2h weapons now have +0.3 range (Base human range from 1.7 > 2.0. +17%)

All polearms now have +0.6 range (base human range from 1.7 > 2.3. +35%)

Whips now have +1.5 range (base human range from 1.7 > 3.2. +88%)

Dodge: Dodge is a unique mechanic for users wearing light, medium, or no armor and with a base dexterity score greater than 10. While those criteria are met a character will receive a message in game telling them that they have the ability to dodge attacks, and their chance of dodging those attacks.

Currently the chance to dodge an attack is as follows: 10 + Dexterity Modifier - Armor Check Penalty + [Any class or feat bonuses] = Dodge Chance%

A dodge can only occur on a hit that would successfully hit you; IE not a hit that has already been avoided by AC, concealment, a parry, or some other means.