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Sigil's Systems and Content

SPL is an established full RP server in the Planescape setting. Earn XP through roleplay, exploration, monster hunting, and multiple extensive quest systems. Enjoy dozens of free-to-play exotic races and access to more by playing here. In addition to countless new spells, feats, and classes, we have made massive changes to the vanilla game to make everything more balanced and a lot more fun to play.

Our module is enormous with well over 1000 areas with dozens of towns and cities with hundreds of shops to visit and many beautiful and varied taverns to relax and roleplay in. We have more than 100 unique dungeons with a loot system containing thousands of unique items and dozens of bosses with their own custom mechanics. We also have some of the best and most elaborate questline dungeons in NWN that each contain dozens of areas with totally randomly generated passages, monsters, traps, puzzles, loot, and bosses.

We have many unique systems, including expansive player housing and shop systems, an extensive crafting system, thousands of loot pool items, randomly generated gear, over 100 dungeons, unique boss mechanics, daily quests, dozens of planar languages, free roleplay skills, custom music, sailing, flying, dimension dooring, planeshifting, teleporting, 2-way gating, drowning, environmental damage, over 50 epic spells, private pocket plane mansions, server-wide weather mechanics, hundreds of custom summons, companion voice throwing, unique nameable pets, character statistics tracking, resting buff mechanics, world buffs, dozens of custom elixirs, hundreds of artifacts, and many more. Our character customization is top tier with per-part clothing coloring, hidable helmets, a large assortment of automated wings and tails, and hundreds of unique models and heads.

We have the largest variety of automated free-to-play races out of any server, as well as 50 classes, each with modified mechanics to be as fun as possible.

We have at least two open events every week, and players may submit personal event requests to our Questmasters. The server is very character-plot-driven. Unwanted PvP is almost non-existent, and permadeath is incredibly rare. Our respawn system is incredibly forgiving, so there's no stress when enjoying the many fun challenges of our expansive PvE system.

Join the rank of Planewalkers and carve your name into the annals of legend. Defeat great wyrms, colossal monsters, and titans. Meet gods. Shape the 15 factions. Build and destroy empires. Explore the infinite planes and become immersed in the dizzying myriad of wonders across the multiverse. The verse is at your fingertips, cutter, and anything is possible.

  • Roleplay XP system- Earn XP automatically while you roleplay IG.
  • Exploration XP system- Earn XP when you hit certain spots exploring the planes.
  • Custom combat XP system- XP is on a daily cap system. This is to promote RP.
  • Quest System- Perform tasks and missions for NPCs around the planes to earn xp, gold, and prizes.
  • Portals and Keys- To use the portals Sigil is famous for, you're going to have to acquire the keys to each one...
  • Foraging System- Use your Herbalism, Wilderness Lore, and Lore skills to find hidden medicinal and magical plants across the Outlands.
  • Find Players System- Use chat commands to reveal the locations of other characters or hide your own. See chat commands in game by typing /help.
  • Custom Skills- Extra skill options for use in roleplay, DM events, item creation and mechanics. e.g Knowledge and Profession skills. See class pages for more.
  • Alterations to Vanilla Classes, Feats and Spells- Sigil has tweaked some classes, feats, and spells to better serve the balance of our server. Check the sidebar of this wiki to find out more.
  • Alternate Fighting Styles- Use the /styles command to choose from 11 alternate combat animations for swordarms, monks, or mages.
  • Wearable Accessories- Attach weapons, shields or quivers to your appearance, over your character's clothes.
  • Automatic Dicebag System- Automatically roll stats, saves, and skills. See chat commands below.
  • Custom Summons- Collect Summoning Books in-game to conjure unique racial types like celestials, demons, elementals, outsiders and more. We have many special monsters for our casters to choose.
  • Summon Commands and Speech- To make text appear through your summon, type /c <speech here>. Commands include /dismiss and /gather. See chat commands for more.
  • PvP Subdual System- Use Subdual mode to disable players instead of outright killing them. See chat commands.
  • Binding and Death System- There are innumerable spots across the server to 'bind' your character to in public or private places. Simply click on the bind point. This is where your character will load into after a reset. Should you die, you can respawn at this bind point.
  • Teleportation and Planeshifting- Travel the planes with the Teleport and Planeshift spells that can instantly transport you or your party across the server.
  • Hostile Environmental Effects- Not all planes are friendly. You can drown in the water plane, or burn alive in the fire plane.
  • Mark' Environmental Permanency Tool- Leave a piece of your roleplay behind by placing a 'Mark,' a small selectable placeable whose floating text and description you can customize. E.G: *A pool of blood and feathers on the road.* Lasts until destruction or reset. See chat commands for more.
  • Crafting System - Make your own equipment and weapons from scratch by gathering resources. See Crafting for more.
  • Runes & Gems System - Greatly customize your character's combat capabilities, going beyond the limit of normal equipment. See Runes and Gems for more.
  • Reforging Gear - Destroy and reform your unneeded gear into something new, possibly even more useful than the initial item. See Reforged Gear for more.
  • In-Game Description Modification- Modify your character's description after creation, see Character Customisation for more.
  • In-Game Portrait Modification- Modify your character's portrait after creation, see Character Customisation for more.
  • Drug/Addiction System- Sigil's a dirty place with dirty deeds. Become a dealer or a doer. Drugs can give bonuses, but not without risk.
  • Games of Chance (Gambling) System - Spend your coin on games of chance, trying to become the richest (or the poorest) gambler in the Verse. Tithing, an alternative for paladins, ascetics and others. See Games of Chance for more.
  • Custom Music- You can download our custom music here. Simply download and extract into your nwn music folder.
  • Lycanthropy Widgets- Being a lycan is very different in planes without moons. You may find your character triggered to transformation by other things, unpredictable outside of a cycle!
  • Epic Spells- An overhaul of vanilla epic spells, with nearly 50 different choices and a more complex system for obtaining them that doesn't rely on using epic feat slots. See Epic Spells for more!