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Here is a list of all the spells on Sigil: Planar Legends.

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Sigil Planar Legends has made significant changes to core NWN spells, reflected in the detailed descriptions below. It is recommended that new players read Uncapped Spells, Epic Spells, and New Spellcasting Feats & Systems while planning any spellcasting character.

Significant changes include: Isaac's Greater Missile Storm (Spell) has d12 damage dice and is not blocked by Shield (Spell), Bigby's Interposing Hand (Spell) / Word of Faith (Spell) have saving throws, and many higher circle magic spells have seen their durations improved from round/level, to turn/level: Concealment (Spell), Aura of Vitality (Spell), War Cry (Spell), Ethereal Visage (Spell)

Tenser's Transformation (Spell) does not suffer Spell Failure when cast by a caster level 20 character.

Premonition (Spell) and Greater Stoneskin (Spell) are no longer broken by creature or player weapon enhancement at caster level 21, and absorb a minimum of 15/- and 10/- physical damage per hit, respectively.

The following are Uncapped Spells and continue to scale into Epic Levels, including above spellcaster level 30, when class level conditions are met: Greater Magic Weapon (Spell), Mage Armor (Spell), Magic Vestment (Spell), Shield of Faith (Spell), Tortoise Shell (Spell), Blade Thirst (Spell), Barkskin (Spell), Spiderskin (Spell).

Racial Hit Dice (RHD), associated with Monstrous/Non-Standard Races, add to both Divine and Arcane caster levels at a rate of 1/RHD level.

SPL features consumables which increase caster level.

True Seeing (Spell) - True Seeing on Sigil Planar Legends does not reveal the true form of shapeshifted characters or races. It provides +25 Spot, See Invisibility, and Ultravision.

Regeneration and standard healing effects do not regrow missing body parts that are lost in DM events; they simply 'closes the wound'. More powerful means must be sought out to regrow missing limbs. The spell True Resurrection cannot be cast by any PC regardless of level. A complex DM event and extreme costs are required for the spell.

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