Evard's Black Tentacles (Spell)

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Evard's Black Tentacles
Caster Level(s) Wizard / Sorcerer 4
Innate Level 4
School Conjuration
Component(s) Verbal, Somatic
Range Medium
Area of Effect / Target Large, 1d4 Tentacles, + 1 / Caster Level (maximum 20)
Duration 1 Round / 2 Levels
Additional Counter Spells
Save Fortitude Special
Spell Resistance No

A field of thick, 10 feet long rubbery tentacles rises from the ground. Each is capable of grappling a target doing 1d6+4 points bludgeoning damage. If successful, the target must then make a Fortitude saving throw or become paralyzed by the grappling tentacle. The tentacles are randomly spread out over the area of effect allowing no more than half of the tentacles to reach a single target in any given round. The inability of the tentacles to target small creatures makes all small creatures completely immune to the spells effects.