Uncapped Spells

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The following are Uncapped Spells and continue to scale into Epic Levels, including above spellcaster level 30, when class level conditions are met: Greater Magic Weapon (Spell), Mage Armor (Spell), Magic Vestment (Spell), Shield of Faith (Spell), Tortoise Shell (Spell), Blade Thirst (Spell), Barkskin (Spell), Spiderskin (Spell).

Racial Hit Dice (RHD), associated with Monstrous/Non-Standard Races, add to both Divine and Arcane caster levels at a rate of 1/RHD level. These RHD levels also count toward Class Levels in the below calculations.

In order to qualify for Uncapped Spells, the character must meet the minimum class level requirements below. Only spells from the class spellbook of that class will be Uncapped. For instance, a Druid of (10) class levels will uncap Tortoise Shell, but will not have uncapped Mage Armor.

Uncapped Spell Base Class Level Requirements:

9th Level Casters (Wiz,Dru,Cleric,etc) 10+ Base class levels

Bards 15+ Base Class Levels

Paladins, Rangers 21+ Base Class levels

Rangers* 12+ Base Class Levels (Only Blade Thirst)

Uncapped Spell Universal Requirements:

22+ Total Hit Dice

24+ Caster Level

Uncapped Spell Scaling Examples:

Greater Magic Weapon up to +5 at 30*

🐢 Shell up to +10 at 30*

Vestment up to +6 at 30*

Shield of Faith up to +6 at 30*

Mage Armor up to +5 at 30*

Bladethirst up to +6 at 30*

Barkskin up to +6 at 30*

Spiderskin up to +6 at 30*

  • Consumables or artifacts may bring a spellcaster level above 30.

It's important to note that each of these spells have their own level and scaling from the base spells. Having 24 CL and 22HD doesn't make tort shell +10, the cap of it being +8 is simply removed. Also to be noted that means that without a class like theurge, these are exclusive benefits for those caster classes. A level 30 paladin, for example, cannot use tortoise shell to gain +10, nor can a level 30 druid cast magic vestment up to +6.