Tortoise Shell (Spell)

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Tortoise Shell
Tortoise Shell
Level Druid 6
Components V,S, DF
Range Touch
Target Living creature
Duration 10 minutes / level
Saving Throw None
Spell resistance Harmless

Tortoise shell grants a +3 natural enhancement bonus to the subject's existing natural armor bonus. This bonus increases by 1 for every four divine caster levels, to a maximum of +5 for a caster with less than ten Druid levels. A caster with ten or more Druid class levels will be able to cast this spell without a cap and will grant +8 Natural Armor at level 20.

An epic spellcaster with at least 10 Druid class levels will further increase this spell's potency, from +8 to +9 at 24 Caster Levels. From +9 to +10 at 28 Caster Levels; +10 to +11 at 32 Caster levels; and finally +11 to +12 at 36 Caster Levels. A multiclassed Druid may need to make use of Practiced Spellcaster to reach a higher caster level - and it's possible to use consumables to break Caster Level 30 and onward.

Racial HD are included as caster levels for the purpose of calculating total caster levels.