Magic Vestment (Spell)

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Magic Vestment
Caster Level(s) Cleric 3
Innate Level 3
School Transmutation
Descriptor(s) Armor Enchantment
Component(s) Verbal, Somatic
Range Touch
Area of Effect / Target Creature, Armor or Shield
Duration 1 Hour / Level
Additional Counter Spells
Save None
Spell Resistance No

You empower the touched armor or shield with a +3 AC bonus +1 per 10 caster levels. Casting it at somebody that has armor and shield equipped will cause it to enchant the shield. Casting it at somebody that has armor, but no shield equipped, will enchant the armor. +5 AC is only possible on a level 20+ cleric or level 10 True Necromancer (Divine)/Mystic Theurge.

An epic spellcaster with at least 10 Cleric class levels will further increase this spell's potency, from +5 to +6 at 30 Caster Levels. These thirty caster levels can be reached using the Practiced Spellcaster feat.

Racial HD are included as caster levels for the purpose calculating total caster levels.