Holy Sword (Spell)

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Holy Sword
Caster Level(s) Paladin 4
Innate Level 4
School Evocation
Descriptor(s) Weapon Enchantment
Component(s) Verbal, Somatic
Range Touch
Area of Effect / Target Melee or Creature
Duration 1 Round / Level
Additional Counter Spells
Save None
Spell Resistance No

This spell transforms the caster's melee weapon into a powerful Holy Avenger, a specially blessed weapon that, when wielded by paladin, acts like a +5 holy weapon that dispels magic on hit, delivers an additional +1d6 divine damage against evil aligned creatures and grants the caster a spell resistance of 16.

If the Caster has 10 or more Paladin Class Levels, the duration is doubled.

If the Caster has 14 or more Paladin Class Levels, the duration is x5.