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"The Morninglord"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Spring, dawn, birth
Symbol: Disk of rosy pink
Home P/L/R: Elysium/Eronia/

Though he's been a power for as long as most of the rest of the Faerûnian pantheon, Lathander chooses to portray himself as a slightly immature young man, one given to flights of fancy and exuberance. He's definitely one of the vital powers of Toril: his major concerns are life and creativity, and he pursues his tasks with a tenaciously positive outlook. Lathander is venerated among the vain for his good looks, among the artists for his inspirations, among the peasants for his support of life, and among the optimistic for his blessings of new adventure.

Chant is one of Lathander's greatest assets is his adherence to the principle of practise, rather than ritual. As long as his believers realize that it's the act of goodness that he supports, and as long as they pray to him on occasion, he continues to grow even stronger.

Lathander shares his realm with the Vedic power Ushas, the goddess of dawn. Together, their realm is one of pink-hued skies, rosy clouds, and the dreams and hopes of a new day. Supposedly, the two gods have found a way to open gates to the realms of powers of darkness, and are shedding light into the secret lands of those deities.

The Morninglord gets along well with most of the other powers of the Faerunian pantheon. He's especially close with Chauntea, for they've learned that working together can benefit them greatly. He's not yet come to a decision regarding Mystra or Kelemvor, but he seem, as always, optimistic.