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"The Lady of Mysteries"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Magic, spells
Symbol: Circle of nine stars
with red mist
Home P/L/R: Elysium/Eronia/

Cyric was the first mortal to assume the mantle of godhood after the Time of Toubles, but Mystra, goddess of magic, was the second. As a newly divine being, she keeps the sentience of her previous mortal self foremost in her mind, and the memories of the original Mystra (the one who fell in the Time of Troubles) present in the portfolio as well. She's a good friend to Kelemvor, a former ally of Cyric's, the supporter of Azuth, and arguably one of the most powerful gods in the entire pantheon.

Her duty is to protect the magical conduit called the Weave, a tapestry of force that allows mortals to shape magic. Though Mystra doesn't teach mortals how to handle the Weave - that's the job of Azuth - she does make the process safer.

Some say that her duty should preclude her from leaning too much toward either good or evil. After all, the original Mystra concentrated only on the laws of magic and left the moralizing to those better qualified for it. Well, the new Mystra doesn't see it that way. She thinks magic should b used for the greater good, to enhance the quality of life throughout lands that make use of the Weave, and she's slowly changing the rules of magic to make her will known.

Her Elysian realm, Dweomerheart, sits atop one of the mightiest plateaus of Eronia. The area used to be flat ground for miles around, but Mystra shaped herself a wondrous city with powerful spells. now, every day at dawn, the features of the burg change as the magic that hold the illusions (or constructs) in place fades away and is replaced by new spells.

See, a group called the Council of Wizards is in charge of maintaining the appearance of the realm, and a different spellslinger takes over each morning: thus, Dweomerheart never looks the same from day to day. Though the basic layout of the city remains the same - the buildings, arches, tunnels and the like keep the same positions - the appearance varies radically. Chant is one of the highest signs of respect a body can be paid is being asked by the Council to shape the city for a day.