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"Maiden of Pain"
Pantheon: Finnish, Faerûnian
AoC: Pain, torture
Symbol: White dagger in
pale hand
Home P/L/R: Gehenna/Mungoth/

Loviatar's one of the two Finnish gods making an effort to stay vital. Both she and Mielikki have sworn not to give into the wasting apathy that seems to afflict the other powers of the pantheon, and both have wormed themselves into the hearts of mortals on the prime-material world of Toril. There, Loviatar is a more prevalent god, and her heightened strength in that crystal sphere may eventually cause her to abandon the Finns for good.

As the mistress of pain, Loviatar relishes in the feel of the knife sliding between layers of skin, muscle, and bone, and the cold caress of the freezing wind from the sea. She's cruel and capricious, and she can make any berk who offends her instantly re-experience the worst suffering he's ever known.

Her realm's called Ondtland, and it's a wasteland of ice and snow, filled with carnivorous caribou and packs of dire wolves. It ain't a place for the unprepared, and while it's got its beauties (such as the aurora over Loviatar's palace), a body'd do well to remember the nature fo the power here.