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"Lord Ao, the Hidden One, the Watcher"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Deities, balance
Symbol: None
Home P/L/R: Unknown

Ao is the overpower of Toril, and as such is above the petty concerns of weaker gods. See, he's the high-up who watches over the actions of the other deities and ensures that they abide by the rules of the cosmos. He's made the laws known in the past; it's likely he'll do so again in the future.

Just recently, in fact, Ao punished the powers of Toril for interfering too closely in mortal affairs. To make the gods more accountable for their actions, and to teach them a bit of a lesson, he decreed that they could wander the world only in avatar form until some stolen tablets were returned to him (this event was knows as the Time of Troubles). The tablets were recovered eventually, but not before several gods died seeking them. The powers have, indeed, learned their lesson.

Fact is, Ao's punishment may be part of the reason the Torilian deities are starting to look outside their crystal sphere and leaning toward the Outer Planes, where belief translates into even greater strength.