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"The Scribe of Oghma"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Literature, art
Symbol: Lit candle above
purple eye
Home P/L/R: Beastlands/Brux/
Library of All

Deneir is the Faerûnian power of art, cartography, glyphs, images, knowledge, literature and scholars. He is one of the Gods of Invention, along with Milil, Gond, and Oghma, whom he serves. The power is worshipped by historians, loremasters, sages, scholars, scribes, students, and any who seek enlightenment.

He dwells in the second layer of the Beastlands, sharing a realm called the Library of All Knowledge with Milil. The library is hosted in several buildings scattered about a lonely wood. The petitioners of their realm retain their professional skills and knowledge from their mortal existences, although they do not keep other memories of their former lives.