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"The Binder"
Pantheon: Celtic, Faerûnian
AoC: Speech, writing
Symbol: A celtic chalice
Home P/L/R: Outlands/Tir na Og
(House of Knowledge)

Oghma, patron of the arts and the best wrestler of the Celtic powers, usually appears as an old, bearded man. His primary interests are in music and the bardic arts, and the gathering and keeping of knowledge. Love of secrets keeps him travelling and a body finds him in his Tir na Og realm, the House of Knowledge, only about six months out of every year.

Despite its name, the House of Knowledge is an outdoor land of ancient oaks and clear blue pools, of nights where dancing constellations of burning stars fill the sky and the music of harps echoes through the lonely wood. It's said that Oghma keeps three magical springs scattered throughout the woods (reflecting the Rule of Threes). The springs change location at the god's whim, but the chant is that all have the power to heal any physical damage and leech any poison out of the body.

Oghma's called "the Binder" because he has the ability to see a creature's true name. What's more, he can force fiends into a prison of his own choosing until he decides to release them. He's incurred the wrath of Druaga for this, and the Lords of the Nine are said to be particularly displeased with him, but Oghma has little to fear of such vile foes.

The power also maintains a portfolio on the prime-material world of Toril, where he's taken on an entirely different status. Fial Cairbre, said to be Oghma's son, visits the world occasionally, though he sticks mainly to the planes. He's a bard of exceptional prowess; his silver tongue has charmed many, and his songs can quiet anyone who hears them. Fact is, Fial's harping can cause the dead to rise to life and the living to fall dead. Arawn, apparently, doesn't mind, for Fial keeps the balance equal.