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"Ruler of the Fiendish World"
Pantheon: Babylonian
AoC: Baatezu summoning
Symbol: Ruby mace
Alignment: LE
Worshiper Alignment: LE
Home P/L/R: Baator/Dis/The Retreat
of the Fallen
Know Proxies: Kilrak, Pit Fiend Male; Adma, Tiefling Female, Mercykillers

Druaga's known as the ruler of the fiendish lands, and that's true - at least as far as the Babylonian pantheon goes. However, in the grander scheme of things, he's just another deity who's made his home on Baator. The Lords of the Nine seem to tolerate his self-imposed title, and even allow him to force baatezu to do his bidding.

Whenever a follower of the Babylonian pantheon summons a baatezu, Druaga decides which fiend to send to the Prime. What's more, the first time a follower sets foot on Baator, he has to enter through Druaga's vile palace, a place of pillars and smoky hazes, with vaulted ceilings that can barely be seen from the ground. The palace sprawls across Druaga's entire realm; no corner's spared the touch of its shadows and stirrings.