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"The Dark One"
Pantheon: Celtic
AoC: Life, death
Symbol: Warrior's skull
Home P/L/R: The Gray Waste/

Arawn controls the power of life and death in the Celtic pantheon, and while he himself is one of the few evil powers of the group, he feels his job is to preserve and maintain good. Without evil, he says, goodness couldn't shine as brightly.

Truth to tell, Arawn's not a bad sort - at least, not for a god of death. He's got a job to do, and he's simply quite good at it. He rewards loyalty and steadfast character, and punishes liars and berks who are clumsy in their cunning. His justice is harsh but fair.

His rocky realm, called Annwn or the Ten Isles of the Cursed, sits it the midst of a vast ocean in the second layer of the Gray Waste. The sods who come here are those who couldn't make it to the Isle of the Blessed or Tir na Og. Some of them come by choice to be with their loved ones, but most are the ne'er-do-wells, the scoundrels and cross-traders of society.

Arawn's favorite proxy is Pwyll, a mortal king from the Prime who switches places with the god every tenth year. When Pwyll rules Annwn, he handles the problems that Arawn is forbidden to touch, including Hafgan, the deity's arch-enemy, who for some reason is out of the death god's reach. While he's the high-up in the realm, Pwyll has all the might of Arawn at his disposal. He's a friendly fellow, which means the petitioners of Annwn are granted a brief respite every tenth year.