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"Lord of Song"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Poetry, song
Symbol: Harp
Home P/L/R: Beastlands/Brux/
Library of all

Milil is depicted in religious art and song as a handsome male human or elf with a charismatic manner and a haunting, melodic voice. He is venerated on the prime world of Toril by adventurers, bards, and entertainers. He serves Oghma alongside Deneir and Gond, though has little in common with the latter, and their relationship is strained. He is on excellent terms with a number of powerful powers in his pantheon, including Mystra and Sune, and often works closely with Lliira.

Milil dwells with Deneir in the Library of All Knowledge in the Beastlands. The music of harps fills the lonely woods of the realm, and the library itself is housed in several buildings scattered throughout the domain. Together, these buildings contain all writings, maps, glyphs, images, poems, speeches, and songs in the multiverse.