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"Frostmaiden, Icedawn, the Cold Goddess, Lady Frostkiss"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Cold, winter
Symbol: White snowflake
on gray diamond
Alignment: NE
Worshiper Alignment: NE, LE, CE
Home P/L/R: Pandemonium/
Winter's Hall
Know Proxies: None

Auril is a fickle and vain goddess, venerated primarily out of fear. She is one of the three Gods of Fury under Talos, Faerun's power of the destructive aspects of nature, and much of her ethos is similar to his. She has seen much of her personal power eroded by Talos, and as a result, the winters have grown colder in the past decade to remind the northerners who still controls the power of cold.

She is a cruel mistress, whose cold heart remains untouched by any hint of love, noble feelings or honor. She often toys with those who offend her, trapping them in snow storms and driving them mad, with tantalizing visions of warmth and the comforts of home, before she freezes them to death.

Auril shares the realm of Winter's Hall in Pandemonium with the Norse trickster Loki. Auril's palace is formed from shaped wind walls that are bitterly cold, and her throne is made from frozen blue fire. Petitioners in her realm are spirits of cold, almost elemental in form.