Greek Pantheon

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With the gentle lap of waves against the shores and the crash of thunder among the cloud-enshrouded peaks, the Greek powers make themselves known. In the thick boar-infested woods and on the sere olive-covered hillsides, a body can see evidence of their passing. Every aspect of nature echoes with their presence, and they've made a place for themselves inside the human heart, too.

Born from the loins of the Titans and the grandchildren of the Sky and Earth, the Greek powers soon carved out their place in the multiverse. Their larger-than-life exploits made them instant legends, their heady passions and dark doings spreading like the ripples of the Oceanus. In the space of a few thousand years, they went from a minor collective to one of the most influential pantheons on the planes. Now, with even more experience under their belts, they've secured their foothold and look to grow even greater. This pantheon, called the Olympians after their mountainous home, has grown so much that a substantial number of primes actually call the gods' home plane Olympus (as opposed to its proper name: Arborea). If that ain't influence, almost nothing is.

The Birth of the Gods

The official histories of the pantheon are gathered in the Great Theogony, a volume bound in the bones of mythical creatures and dead heroes. It's kept in a vault in the halls of the Vast Temple, the central meeting point for the entire pantheon, hidden away from all but those who've got the spirit to uncover such truths. The tome relates the emergence of the worlds and the multiverse, told through the eyes of the Olympians.

The Greek Powers

Aphrodite Love, beauty
Apollo Light, prophecy, music, healing
Ares War, killing, strife
Artemis Hunting, wild beasts, childbirth
Athena Wisdom, crafts, war
Demeter Agriculture
Dionysus Mirth, madness
Eris Strife
Furies, The Justice
Hades Death, wealth
Hecate Magic, moon, abundance
Hephaestus Smithing, crafts
Hera Marriage, intrigue
Hermes Travel, trade, thievery, gambling, running
Nike Victory
Pan Nature, passion
Poseidon Water, earthquakes, creation
Tyche Good fortune
Zeus Heavens, law, leadership

Notable Titans

Cronus Sinister ambition
Gaea Fertility, health, prophecy, earth
Rhea Fertility, life
Uranus Sky