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Pantheon: Greek
AoC: Victory
Symbol: Winged woman
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus/

Though she's a lesser power, Nike has her place in the pantheon. She's often called upon by Athena or Ares to ride with them when they go to battle, assuring one side or the other of victory. Nike's a fickle goddess, though, and goes only when she desires. Ares and Athena both realize that they can't force the power; she must be wooed like any other blood.

Nike is a sister to Eris, the goddess of Discord, and between the two of them, they own three golden apples (a nod to the Rule of Threes). Chant is any mortal who spies one of the apples desires it; toss one in the path of an enemy, and the foe won't be able to think about anything but procuring the apple for himself. What's more , a body can actually set conditions on how to gain the apple, so the "victim" can earn the prize only by fulfilling requirements.

'Course, the apples are worthy prizes. the first bite of one cures any disease in a person's body. A second bite makes him immortal (but not invulnerable). Occasionally, it's said, Nike lends the apples to mortals who really deserve them, but it's so hard for a berk to prove his worth that Nike might as well not even offer the chance.

The lesser power has no case of her own in Olympus, though she maintains quarters in the palaces of both Ares and Athena. Nike may be fickle, but she finds common cause with both Olympians more than she'd ever admit.

Her current favourite proxy is Achilles, a basher who's practically invulnerable and thus almost always victorious. He's proud and vain, one of the best warriors the Olympian culture's ever produced. Though he appears to be a shallow berk, Achilles has depth that few folks could guess at.