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"Matron of Heaven"
Pantheon: Greek
AoC: Marriage, Intrigue
Symbol: Fan of peacock
Alignment: CN
Worshiper Alignment: CN, CG, CE
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus/
Know Proxies: Argos, Tiefling Male; Menelaus, human male

Hera is Zeus' wife, and the second most powerful Olympian in the pantheon. She also happens to be insanely jealous of Zeus and his infidelities, and she goes out of her way to make life difficult for any of Zeus's paramours and their offspring.

Still, she's cordial and even friendly to the other Olympians, as befits a ruler. She's often temperate when Zeus is reckless, and can fly into a rage when he's rational - the two of them are a perfect balancing act.

The other Greek powers respect Hera's judgement, and they know when to back down from a disagreement with her. One of her quarrels, after all, led to the sacking of an important prime-material city that stood on the plains of Illyria, all because the son of the burg's ruler dared to praise Aphrodite's beauty - not Hera's. The goddess ain't what a body'd call a good loser.

Hera's empowered two main proxies throughout the years. One of them is Argos, the Hundred-Eyed Watcher. His body's covered with eyes, only fifty of which sleep at any given time. He's been defeated only once, by Hermes, who lulled all of the tiefling's eyes to sleep with a stupefyingly long and dull tale. Hera's other proxy is Menelaus, a cutter who gained immortality by remaining faithful to his cheating wife.