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"Lady of Dawn"
Pantheon: Greek
AoC: Love, beauty
Symbol: Seashell
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus/

Aphrodite could rightfully be said to be a Titan, for she's the direct offspring of Uranus' blood. The other powers overlook this fact, for she journeyed to far-off isles upon her creation, taking Eros with her, and returned when the Titans had been cast out.

Aphrodite's husband is Hephaestus, to whom she was married by order of the gods, for the two of them needed divine consorts. However, she chafes in the marriage, for while the smith dotes on her, he's unsightly, not to mention lame. Handsome, vain Ares catches her eye far more frequently, though when Hephaestus first discovered the treachery, he fashioned a net and entrapped the lovers. Then he invited the other gods to come and mock the hapless pair. Aphrodite fled for a year and a day, until her shame lessened enough that she could bear to be seen.

'Course, Aphrodite's more than just the goddess of love and beauty; she also rules over the act of love, and thus she's a favorite among the Society of Sensation. It's partly because of her influence that so many Sensates have chosen Olympus as their home (the faction's glorious Golden Hall lies elsewhere in the layer).

Aphrodite's true friends are the other goddesses of beauty, though only Hanali Celanil of the Seldarine has remained a fast companion throughout the ages. The other deities go through fickle vanity (and truth be told, so does Aphrodite), wherein they lash out at one another, each claiming to be the most attractive. Indeed, it's because of this fickle vanity that Aphrodite has few friends among the Olympians - they desire her, sure, but they don't truly care for her.

Her favorite proxy was a demipower named Adonis, who served her well until jealous Ares put him in the dead-book. Now, Aphrodite's best-known proxies are Anchises, one of her former lovers, and their son Aeneas. Anchises is blind, but he can see beauty in the heart of any creature that loves, and acts accordingly. Aeneas is handsome and strong, and has the skill to carry any burden, no matter how heavy, if something beautiful will rise from it when he sets it down.