Hanali Celanil

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"The Heart of Gold"
Pantheon: Elven
AoC: Love, beauty
Symbol: Heart of gold
Alignment: CG
Worshiper Alignment: NG, CG
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus/
Know Proxies: (Twins) Llewellyn, Elf Male; Llyssa Long-leaves Elf Female

The elven goddess of love and beauty, Hanali Celanil is one of the keepers of Evergold - the Fountain of Youth and Beauty - which she shares with other like-minded powers (including Sune, Freya, and Aphrodite). Her worshippers include both elves and half-elves, all of whom celebrate her mysteries with desire and love.

Hanali's a friendly blood, as far as powers go, but she rarely appears to her faithful. Instead, she likes to shower them with tokens of her pleasure, such as an unexpected love or a discovery of a new joy. She's patient and forgiving of minor transgressions, as long as the offender's sincerely sorry. The power embodies the joy in the elf spirit, and most elves respect her even if they don't offer their complete worship.

In Arvandor, Hanali dwells in a magnicifant palace, which centers aroung the legendary Evergold. She admits mortals to the fountain on occasion, but only those who've served her for many years and brought glory to her name. If they haven't - well, she'd sooner put 'em in the dead-book than share this bounty with them.

Hanali's palace is constructed so well that a single candle, placed properly within its confines, can illuminate the entire crystal structure (and darken it just as easily if moved a foot to the left). A berk on the outside can't peer in though the crystal walls, but seeing from the inside out is like looking through exceptionally clear glass.

Hanali's proxies are a pair of elf twins - rare on any world - called Llewellyn and Llyssa Longleaves. They're the ultimate in mortal elven beauty (though, naturally, they can't rival the allure of their deity), but they're surprisingly humble. See, the twins have the power to see the true beauty in the heart of every sod, so they've none of the arrogance that usually surrounds beautiful folks. What's more, Llewellyn can turn any smooth surface into an enchanted mirror, and Llyssa can control any kind of flowering plant she sees.