Twelve Greater Titans

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The Titans were among the first-born of Gaea the Earth, and were (at least according to the Great Theogony) the first gods to walk her surface. They each maintained dominion over their own spheres and garnered respect from the mortals. But the Titans grew too strong, and Earth rejected them (it was Gaea's curse that caused the Titans to be cast out by their children, the Olympians).

Today, the Titans don't have worshippers as such. That's because the Greek powers greatly discourage mortals from turning to the castaways, to the paint that the Titans have come to fear retribution every time a mortal speaks their names. Still, it's no dark that a few prime and planar sods have journeyed to Carceri to petition the Titans for power and the secrets of the multiverse. A berk who catches them in the right mood might even get some answers.

Quite a few of the Titans are trapped on Mount Othrys, in the first layer of Carceri. Chief among them, of course, is Cronus, who rules over the bunch. His 10 siblings are imprisoned with him: Coeus, Cirus, Hyperion, Iapetus, Mnemosyne, Oceanus, Phoebe, Tethys, Thea, and Themis. Each still maintains dominion over his or her own sphere of influence, the basic building blocks of the Prime. Fact is, it's said that the Titans were the primeval forces of the Prime Material, that their continued existence is what keeps the laws of the plane functioning. In that sense, a body could say the Olympians mastered the forces of life and tamed them.