Mount Othrys

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Divine Realm
Plane: Carceri
Layer: Othrys
Powers: Cronus, The Twelve Greater Titans
Scheming and plotting are the blossoms of the flower of revenge. Hatreds millennia old can burst into flame at a moment's notice; wear your bitter anger like a badge as a constant reminder of what you've suffered, and what you're plotting against.

Mount Othrys rests on the mountains of two different orbs. The mountains are each 50 miles tall, and nearly touch at the tips. Wedged in between the two is the marble palace of the Titans. It's a truly titanic affair, with white marble columns, amphitheatres, and a stoa that has to be seen to be believed. The palace maintains its own plane of gravity. Though its entrance is upwards, a traveller's frame of reference suddenly shifts so that he's approaching it dead on. A body can enter the palace from either side and feel no disorientation. Even though the gravity should shift in the middle of the palace, it doesn't - unless Cronus wills it.

Mount Othrys, as home to the Titans, holds immeasurable power in its walls. The mightiest of the titans is Cronus, father of the Greek powers. Though he's the youngest of the titans, he served as their leader after overthrowing their despotic father, Uranus. He was jealous of his power in the young days of the world, and he's even more fearful of his position now. He rules his 10 brothers and sisters with an iron hand, trying to keep them from plotting against him. As a plotter himself, he's constantly watchful for the machinations of his siblings.

Every visitor to the realm is encouraged to seek out Cronus in the central theme room. If a body fails to prevent himself to Cronus, the Titan knows it, and decrees some nasty form of doom to fall on the offenders head. Once a body's in the throne room, Cmonus examines the traveler's thoughts to make sure the fellow hasn't been sent by the Olympians or fellow Titans on some evil plot to discredit him.

The palace is constructed of white marble, but it's slowly crumbling to pieces. White marble can't be found on Carceri, and the Titans have no way to escape to fetch more, so they have to watch their handiwork disintegrating before their eyes. It's a horrible feeling for them, and it makes them that much more furious at the Olympian gods who imprisoned them here. Most of the Titans have gotten used to the effect, and they wilfully turn their gazes elsewhere. It rouses their ire when someone else comments on the dilapidation, and they'll likely destroy anyone foolish enough to draw their attention to it - even if that leatherhead has a plan to repair it. (This last is the reason no one's volunteered to import white marble for the Titans.) The whole place is a twisted echo of the palaces on Mount Olympus; the Titans know it, and it only makes their mood fouler.

Plenty of creatures from the Greek legends inhabit the area around the palace, and the Titans encourage their growth. The Titans make a few of these their special pets, and woe to the berk who kills one! Unlike the Greek powers, the Titans won't usually set a body to a task for repentance; they go straight for vengeance.