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"The Patricide"
Pantheon: Greek
AoC: Sinister ambition
Symbol: Sickle
Alignment: LE
Worshiper Alignment: NE, LE
Home P/L/R: Carceri/Othrys/
Mount Othrys
Know Proxies: None

Cronus, the father of the Greek gods, is no doting parent. Prophesied to be overthrown by his own children, Cronus devoured the offspring he sired with Rhea soon after they were born.

Remember, he was the Titan who vanquished his father, the cruel Uranus - he knew the damage one's own children could do, and he was determined not to fall prey to the same trap. 'Course, he couldn't have defeated Uranus without the aid of his mother Gaea, and she helped him only because he promised to free the progeny his father'd hidden away on Carceri. But Cronus turned stag on his promise and was cursed to suffer his father's fate.

His allies include the trickster Loki, though the Norse power of strife ain't exactly what a body'd call trustworthy. Even the other titans don't completely support their leader. Cronus rules his siblings because he was the only one to take action against their father, and he constantly reminds them of their incarceration.

The baatezu and tanar'ri of the Lower Planes constantly seek out the Titans, beseeching them for aid in the Blood War. Chances are they won't get it - not unless they can offer Cronus the freedom he desires.