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The Tanar'ri are the dominant subcategory of demons. Originally created by the Obyriths as slaves, they eventually revolted against their masters, killing most of them and taking over as the dominant race of demons in the Abyss.

Most known demon lords are tanar'ri. The tanar'ri are essentially classic demons; those that arose as a result of faith and humanity and are reflections of cruelty, evil and sin. They usually have a basic humanoid shape, although there are several exceptions. There are many known species of tanar'ri.

There are many known types of tanar'ri, including: Adaru, alkilith, alu-fiend, anzu, armanite, arrow demon, babau, balor, bar-lgura, bulezau, cambion, cerebrilith, chasme, dretch, gadacro, glabrezu, goristro, hezrou, jarilith, jovoc, kastighur, kelvezu, klurichir, mane, marilith, maurezhi, molydeus, myrmyxicus, nabassu, nalfeshnee, orlath, palrethee, rutterkin, skurchur, solamith, sorrowsworn, succubus, turagathshnee, uridezu, vathugu, vrock, and yochlol.