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"Mother of the Gods"
Pantheon: Greek
AoC: Fertility, Life
Symbol: Female face
Home P/L/R: Arborea/Olympus/

Rhea is the mother of the Olympian pantheon (at least the senior members), and it was because of her that they even survived, much less reached the status they hold today. She'd remind them of this fact if it were necessary, but it's not. The gods have given her a palace that exceeds even the one she shared with Cronus during his reign, and they seek her out for advice when they can't turn to eachother.

Rhea doesn't really have a realm of her own, nor a religion, nor any proxies. She simply advises and watches; still, she draws strength from the entirety of the Olympian pantheon. And as the power of fertility, seasons, and motherhood, she earns the veneration or mortals across the Prime.