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"Mother Earth"
Pantheon: Greek
AoC: Fertility, health,
prophecy, earth
Symbol: Basket of fruit
Alignment: N
Worshiper Alignment: Any
Home P/L/R: Prime Material
Know Proxies: Any

It's said that Gaea is the entirety of the worlds of the Prime Material Plane, that she's the one force that binds them all together. Well, that may or may not be true; powers know the Olympians are egocentric enough about everything else they say. But it's true that Gaea spawned the Titans and the elements across her surface. She's one of the oldest deities any blood on the planes can name, and she has might beyond even Zeus' dreams.

Some paint her as a schemer and plotter, jealously building on her strength and position. Truth is' she's simply a concerned mother, and she wants nothing but fair treatment for all her children. When the Greek gods imprisoned the Titans on Carceri, Gaea sought to have them freed by their brethren, the Gigantes. The struggle that ensued nearly toppled the pantheon, but the Olympians held fast. Gaea tried several more times to free her imprisoned children, but Zeus and his crew wouldn't hear of it. If she's brewing any other plans to liberate the Titans, she hasn't sprung them yet.

Some say Gaea ain't really a power because she doesn't need worshippers. All she requires is constant life and movement on her surface, and she gets that in spades from the mortals of the prime-material worlds. If the Olympians ever dreamed of overthrowing Gaea, they'd first have to destroy the mortals that live on her - which'd do them in, as well. Thus, the gods live in a cautious truce with their grandmother.

Gaea has no realm, no palace - she simply is, spread out across all the worlds where the Olympian pantheon holds sway. The best way for a body to worship her is to treat the world he's on with respect and love; Gaea receives more power from kind handling than from cries and sacrifices in any temple.