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"Mistress of the Forest"
Pantheon: Finnish, Faerûnian
AoC: Nature, forests
Symbol: Evergreen
Home P/L/R: Beastlands/Krigala/
Grove of the

It's said that Mielikki used to have no true realm, that she hid in the forests of the Prime and came out only to put down despoilers of nature. Well, she's apparently managed to move up in the world, she now shares a realm on the Beastlands with Ehlonna of Oerth.

That land, the Grove of the Unicorns, is far bigger on the inside than out. The realm's just a grove of trees that pops up in the middle of a forest. If a body's a friend of nature, he might spy a unicorn lapping up water from a pool in the center of a grove; if he does, the lush realm opens itself to him in full. (Animal petitioners of the plane whisper about strange burgs within the Grove, but the truth of that's still dark.) A berk who's not worthy won't ever see the unicorn, and he can walk into the grove and right out again without ever knowing where he is.

Obviously, Mielikki watches over rangers, druids, and their ilk. Like her relative Loviatar, she's joined the Faerunian pantheon in an effort to keep herself strong, for Toril has many nature-lovers. And it seems to be working - to the people of Toril, Mielikki commands more power and garners more belief.