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The Beastlands Layer
Order: First
Realms: The Grove of the Unicorns

The Beastlands' top layer is Krigala, split in two by the River Oceanus. The river flows through the layer in a strong torrent, flanked by verdant forests that often bridge the great river with intertwined branches above. Small side channels depart from the river, and there are I numerous bayous and oxbow lakes formed whenever this extraplanar river alters its banks. Krigala is a land of eternal afternoon. A warm sun basks the land in its continual glow. It is just warm enough in Krigala for the plant life of the area, and temperatures remain in a comfortable range unless manipulated by spells or divine will. Time passes normally but is not tracked by the moving of the sun. Instead, gentle rains drift in on soft breezes once per day. More rarely, occasional thunderstorms strike, sending many of Krigala's beasts to cover.

The centaur deity Skerrit lives in Krigala with his closest petitioners. Skerrit is a lesser deity, but he is greatly venerated by the centaurs. The deity's realm looks little different from the surrounding woods, and the homes of his petitioners are often small huts and lean-tos. When a feast is called (and that's often if you're a centaur), the centaurs set out great tables in the midst of the forest, trusting to Krigala's benign nature and Skerrit's power to keep them in line. Skerrit's petitioners take centaur form but are otherwise similar to other Beastlander petitioners. They attack as centaurs do (two hooves at a +3 attack bonus, dealing 1d6+2 points of damage). In extreme cases, Skerrit might arm them, but such events are exceedingly rare. Most of the creatures encountered in Krigala would be active during the day if they lived on the Material Plane. Most of the native life has a basic understanding of how me portals between the layers work, and they can avoid the portals instinctively if they choose.

The Beastlands Layers

Krigala . Brux . Karasuthra