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The Beastlands Layer
Order: Third

The lowest layer of the Beastlands, Karasuthra wears a cloak of continual night. A silver moon whose phases change achingly slowly hangs in the open sky, surrounded by stars that lazily drift across the sky. Only a few beacons of moonlight piece the thick canopy of the forest here, forming silver shafts that touch the forest floor. Karasuthra is the home of the most dangerous night creatures, hunters relentless in the pursuit of their quarry. Hunters from the Material Plane sometimes journey to Karasuthra looking for the most dangerous of trophies. Some even survive to try a second time.

Dusk beasts, ecalypses, and umbral banyans could be found throughout Karasuthras. Evil-aligned creatures would be uncomfortable in the Beasdands and hunted mercilessly by the many celestial creatures that catch their scent. But desperate evildoers could use Karasuthra as a hiding place from other, more foul creatures on their home plane.

The Beastlands Layers

Krigala . Brux . Karasuthra