Oerthian Pantheon

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The powers of Oerth make up one of the oldest and largest of the single-sphere pantheons. Its ranks include so many gods that it'd be fruitless to list them all; besides, they change so rapidly with the rise and fall of continental empires that any list'd be out of date before long. Though stability soon may come to the troubled lands, it'd take some doing - and stout heroes - to pull it off. The powers can't do it on their own, and so their very survival is in the hands of the mortals.

Chant is Oerth is dying anyway, that the deities'd be just as happy leaving for greener pastures. Sadly for them, they're stuck here; apparently, they've got to fight it out on the world before they can try to expand onto the planes. Only a few bloods of the pantheon - like Celestian, god of travel - have made it beyond the crystal sphere, and that's because their portfolios appeal to bashers across the planes. Fact is, some of the deities are already worshipped (or at least respected) by many planars; they've got a decent chance of surviving the death throes of Oerth.

The Oerthian Powers

Beory Earth, nature, rain
Boccob Magic, knowledge
Celestian Stars, space, wanderers
Ehlonna Forests, meadows
Erythnul Hate, envy, fear
Fharlanghn Horizons, travel
Heironeous Justice, honor, war
Hextor War, discord
Incabulos Drought, plagues, nightmares
Istus Fate, destiny
Iuz Deceit, pain, evil
Kord Combat, strength
Lendor Time, tedium
Nerull Death, darkness, murder
Obad-Hai Nature, freedom
Olidammara Music, trickery
Pelor Sun, light, healing
Pholtus Law, order
Procan Sea, ocean, weather
Ralishaz Chance, ill luck
Rao Reason, intellect, peace
St. Cuthbert Common sense, zeal, dedication
Tharizdun Dark, decay, insanity
Trithereon Individuality, liberty
Ulaa Mining, mountains
Wee Jas Magic, death
Zilchus Prestige, commerce