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"The Uncaring"
Pantheon: Oerthian
AoC: Magic, knowledge
Symbol: Eye in pentagram
Home P/L/R: Outlands/The
Library of Lore

Boccob is the power of magic, arcane knowledge, balance, and foresight on the prime sphere of Oerth. He rarely has any desire to interfere with mortal events, the only power in his pantheon with no apparent personal agenda.

He makes his realm in a sprawling citadel known as the Library of Lore. This massive complex sits atop a barren bluff in the Outlands. Petitioners of Boccob, usually librarians, scribes, researchers, inventors, or guides, are given the appearance of humans. Their power has given them the ability to know the motivations of others, an ability they use to determine if visitors to the library deserve their requested information.