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"Our Lady of Fate"
Pantheon: Oerthian
AoC: Fate, destiny
Symbol: Golden spindle with
three strands
Home P/L/R: Outlands/Web of

Istus is goddess of destiny, divination, Fate, future, honesty, and predestination on the world of Oerth. While one of the most powerful powers in her pantheon, she holds herself aloof from mortals and immortals alike, concerning herself only with the fate of the universe.

The power has few true followers, and her priests tend to be stoic and cynical. They use divinations to discern what fate will bring, and are called upon by nobles and other people of wealth to predict the future. They hold honesty as a virtue, and teach the importance of accepting one's destiny and role in the world.

Following the Rule of Threes, Istus is depicted as having three forms. The first is as an old crone, the second as a mature and haughty noble dame, and the third as a cold and unfeeling young maiden.