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"The Far Wanderer"
Pantheon: Oerthian
AoC: Stars, space,
Symbol: Seven stars on a
black circle
Home P/L/R: Astral/wanders

Celestian is the planewalker's power of choice. For a god of the Prime, he's remarkably well-venerated amond planars (chant is the influx of new worshippers might soon win him a lot more power). His portfolio calls to any cutter who likes to see what's over the next horozon, and his location on the Astral Plane makes him an even sweeter choice. Travelling priests of Celestian lose no spellcasting power as long as they remain on the Outer Planes, and magical weapons forged on the Astral are equally powerful all the way around the Great Ring.

Celestian gets on well with Hermes and other gods who make travel less burdensome. It's a small fraternity, but one that's tightly knit. Fact is, Fharlanghn, Oerth's intermediate power of horizons, is Celestian's brother, and the two of them cooperate famously. It's said that Celestian is looking to help his brother expand on the planes. 'Course, since the infinite Outer Planes have precious few horizons, it seems as though the god of travel's going to come across his brother on the Astral one of these days. Still, there's hope for Fharlanghn as long as Celestian's willing to help.

Celestian doesn't keep a realm in the silver void, preferring instead to keep moving - what else'd be expected from a god of wanderers? His petitioners become the stars in his robes, and when their wanderlust becomes so great that they wish to travel on their own, that's when they merge with their deity.