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"The Evilsent"
Pantheon: Oerthian
AoC: Drought, plagues,
Symbol: Green eye in a red
Home P/L/R: The Gray Waste/

Incabulos is hated by just about every power in the cosmos who knows of him. Even the other gods of disease despise him on principle, for they see him as a leatherhead and pretender with no hope for survival when he finally has to leave his enclosed little sphere. Most of the other powers dislike him simply because he's a berk who turns stag every chance he gets.

As the pantheon's power of disease and nightmares, Incabulos favors battlefields and other sites of carnage. He draws much of his strength from such places; both sickness and horrid dreams come from the massed bodies of the dead. Naturally, in the current climate of war that's sweeping across Oerth, Incabulos grows even greater. The mortals don't worship him, but they appease him, and that's often just as good.

Charnelhouse is just as disgusting (if not moreso) as the realms of the other powers of disease in Oinos. The first thing a body notices is the stench - not even the Gray Waste can wash away the smell of the dead that permeates the place. The second thing a body notices is his deepest fears coming to life in front of him. Whether that's a skeletal horse with rags of twitching flesh in its teeth or the cruel betrayal of close friends, it all seems to come true in Charnelhouse. That's why folks steer clear.