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"The Reaper"
Pantheon: Oerthian
AoC: Death, darkness,
Symbol: Skull and sickle
Home P/L/R: Carceri/Othrys/
the Crypt

Like Incabulos, Nerull usually isn't worshipped so much as kept alive by the very avoidance of his name. Fact is, offering him a sacrifice is thought to attract his attention, and few mortals are addle-coved enough to do that. Still, some berks secretly promote the worship of foul Nerull, and they're nearly as depraved as the one they follow. Their rites are heinous affairs conducted in total blackness. It's a sure bet that torture and pain play a large part in the rituals; it's certainly no dark that sacrifice of any sentient creature is not only accepted but encouraged.

Unlike most powers on Carceri, Nerull's not trapped in the Red Prison - he dwells there because he likes it, and he's one of the few creatures in the cosmos who can say such a thing without sounding like a liar. His realm, the Crypt, is a burg of the dead and undead, many of them sentient. Even worse, Nerull consorts with fiends of all varieties, and they often prowl the realm devouring his shrieking petitioners (just desserts, really, for deaders who brought pain to others when they were alive).

Though Nerull respects Incabulos' hatred of life and joy, the two powers have nothing to do with each other. Talos the Destroyer (of Toril) admires the Reaper's work, but Nerull's methods are so brutal that even Talos sstays well away. Truth is, no other powers associate with Nerull, though many of them (St. Cuthbert especially) hate him with a passion.