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"Pholtus of the Blinding Light"
Pantheon: Oerthian
AoC: Law, order
Symbol: Silver sun with
crescent moon
Home P/L/R: Mechanus/The Path
of Law

One of Oerth's most significant powers, Pholtus sees little general attention on the planes, in large part due to his faith's profession that there is no divinity but Pholtus; similar to the Athar, they preach that the only true power is Pholtus and all others are pretenders to the claim. Such a statement draws a great deal of ire from the various peoples of the planes, especially the followers of the numerous other deities across the multiverse.

Despite this, however, there are those who find appealing either his beliefs or his followers' singular devotion to the Law. Though fairly insignificant cosmically, Pholtus and his followers tend to have a level of passion matched by few others. The Fraternity of Order finds much in common with those Pholtans who put studying the law over enforcing it, and sharing a plane with the Fortress of Disciplined Enlightenment brings much opportunity for the two to cooperate. Meanwhile, the Harmonium are often quite pleased to work alongside a Pholtan inquisitor in the field, especially the rare Sin Eater within their ranks. So well-suited to the Harmonium way of life are the Pholtans that his faith has actually found minor foothold upon Ortho itself.

The deity himself, as with most Oerthian powers, rarely manifests directly as an avatar, instead communicating with his followers through messages and symbolic manifestations, often taking the form of a sudden bolt of insight bringing the solution to a problem or an urging towards those in need of the guidance of Pholtus. When he does manifest, his most common form is that of a slender human male in gleaming white robes, hair equally white and eyes shining with a pure, bright light that seems to cleanse the soul; other aspects of his appearance vary widely from manifestation to manifestation, including age, specific features, and skin tone.