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"The Archpaladin"
Pantheon: Oerthian
AoC: Justice, honor, war
Symbol: Lightning bolt
clutched in fist
Home P/L/R: Mount Celestia/
Venya/Fields of

Heironeous is god of chivalry, justice, war, daring, and valor. His faith is militaristic, launching crusades against evil and championing causes. Many soldiers, city watchmen, mercenaries, and others who make their living by the sword find themselves honoring the power.

Heironeous is allied with Bahamut, and sponsored his own paladin Murlynd's ascension to divinity. His greatest foe is his half-brother Hextor, and he is also a great opponent of Tiamat. The power's daughter, a half-angelic demigoddess called Chalice, is currently imprisoned by Dispater.