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"The Shalm"
Pantheon: Oerthian
AoC: Nature, freedom
Symbol: Oak Leaf and Acorn
Home P/L/R: Outlands/The
Hidden Wood

Worshipped primarily by druids, Obad-Hai is a god of beasts, freedom, hunting, nature, wildlands, and woodlands. He is one of the oldest powers of the Oerthian pantheon, and has an unfriendly rivalry with Ehlonna.

The Hidden Wood of Obad-Hai is a patchwork of thick woods,open glades, and rolling fields. Explorers' notes place the Hidden Wood in several specific locations in the Outlands, often near the gate-towns of Fortitude or Faunel. It's rarely found at all except by travellers who become lost in the woods, and by those souls who were dedicated to the Shalm during their mortal lives.

Obad-Hai's domain is nature in all its forms: wild and tamed, savage and domesticated. All four seasons exist simultaneously in balance within the Shalm's realm. In the space of a quarter-mile, snowfields give way to forests draped in fall color next to orchards heavy with fruit and newly ploughed fields.