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Population: 5,000
Gate To: Arcadia
Primary Faction: Harmonium

Some planars call Fortitude "The Egg," because the town sits inside a wall that curves to make a perfect oval. Near one end is the Gate to Arcadia, and near the other is a large stadium called the Confessional, the most important cites in the city. The two main entrances to the city are at either end, but plenty of smaller entryways dot the whole length of the town wall.

The streets of Fortitude are broad boulevards, spanning beautiful parks and orchards. Fact is, a good half of the land's filled with groves, parks, and fountains, and the other half with buildings. The blocks are all clean and well kept, each offering a body a good mix of different shops. Most buildings in this version of Fortitude have first stories of stone and upper floors of wood and mud, topped off by thatched roofs.

The Confessional, balancing the gate on the other end of town, is a great arena, sunk into the ground. It's well built, too - any cutter who stands on the low stage and rattles her bone-box can be heard is the far edges of the arena. It's used for admitting faults and handing out punishments. Several times a week, natives fill up the arena (travellers seeking good seats should arrive early), and anybody can take the stage to confess her crimes or flaws. The crowd then passes judgement, which, depending on the mood, ranges from simple verbal abuse to putting the poor sod in the dead-book. Refusing to accept her punishment gets a berk in the dead-book instantly, the mob'll execute her on the spot. Usually, the Hardhead guard drag criminals and suspects in for judgement, but a body'd be surprised how many folks volunteer to spill their sins. Some just seem to have a need to cleanse themselves.

The Gate

The Gate to Arcadia sits on top of a low, circular step-pyramid made of seven stacked tiers, with staircases climbing it from four different directions. The gate itself appears as a large greenish flame, and travellers going to Arcadia just step through it, unharmed. Local chant has it that evil berks are purified by passing through the flame, but other legends say they don't get off that easily.

The Populace

If it weren't for the citizens, Fortitude would be a nice place to visit. The townspeople here are a dangerous lot, a combination of primes, faction members, and petitioners of Arcadia. The petitioners have the ability to know alignment, and the other natives of the plane are immune to illusionary magics. Not to mention Fortitude's a popular spot with the Harmonium, and they can create a charm person effect, like the spell. All in all, the natives make sure the town's well run - or else. Liars, peelers, and evil-doers give this place a wide berth.


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