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"The Maid of Misfortune/Misrule, Black Bess, Lady Doom"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Mischief, bad luck
Symbol: Black antlers on
red field
Alignment: CE
Worshiper Alignment: CE, NE, CN
Home P/L/R: Abyss/13/Blood Tor
Know Proxies: None

Beshaba is a power feared and placated in Faerûn much more than she is venerated. She is known as Tyche's unpleasant daughter, but this is more a poetic title than anything else. Her doctrine states that bad luck befalls all, and she demands worship to keep her bad luck at bay. She delights in curses and ironic accidents, and her priests manipulate common folk into revering and providing for them by behaving mysteriously and playing on morbid fears.

Beshaba is spiteful, petty and malicious. While most people tremble in fear at Beshaba's attendance at any event, even in spirit, Beshaba is almost always invited and welcomed formally in the opening speeches or ceremonies of formal functions (such as marriages and coronations), contests of sport or martial prowess, and at the naming ceremonies of children. If she is not so invited, she may take offense and wreak endless misfortune upon those involved. She is difficult to understand as her actions often seem random, but in the main she is jealous of the favorable opinion people have for her sister and demands equal veneration (or at least equal lip service) to that given to Tymora, or she will ruin the lives of those who so slight her.

From the red-tinted ocean of the 13th layer of the Abyss rise the mountain realm she shares with the Faerunian Bitch Queen, Umberlee. This hill, called the Blood Tor, bleeds riverlets of blood which are said to be the blood of all those who die in unfortunate accidents on Toril. The Blood Tor was the site of a baatezu incursion into the Abyss, one of their greatest early successes in the Blood War, which makes it an appropriate home for a goddess of misfortune.