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"The Beastlord"
Pantheon: Faerûnian
AoC: Hunters, beasts,
Symbol: Bestial claw with
bloody talons
Home P/L/R: Carceri/Colothys/
the Land of the Hunt

Malar is a Faerûnian power of the hunt, related to Silvanus and the other "nature" gods. He is said to be black, covered with wet, dripping blood, and having the fangs and clawed forelimbs of a great cat. Hunters (both for game and in sport) make offerings to him before setting forth in the chase, and he is said to manifest himself in berserkers, enraged beasts, and in that type of frenzied human killer that men deem mad.

He once served Talos, god of the dark side of nature, until Talos grew jealous of his growing flock of worshippers. Talos imprisoned him in a small realm in Colothys, the mountainous fourth layer of the bitter, wind-whipped plane known as Carceri. Many of his devoted worshippers followed him there, to the game-filled canyons of the Land of the Hunt. His petitioners are just as trapped as their master, but planars can leave if they hike it to the first layer, Othrys, where the only known off-plane portals are found.

The petitioners in the Land of the Hunt take the form of unusually fierce and primitive versions of normal animals.