Cerilian Pantheon

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On the world of Aebrynis, there exists a pantheon of gods that's known power for less than two millennia - a mere breath in the history of the multiverse. see, about 1500 years ago, the previous gods of the sphere met in battle to combat the growing power of their evil brother Azrai. They all sacrificed their lives so that their foe and kinsman would perish with them, and thus the world would live.

But as the gods died, they passed most of their powers and portfolios to their most devoted and mightiest champions, cutters whose lives best exemplified the divine ideals. These mortals then took the place of the deities. The new gods came to the full realization of their powers slowly at first, but now they have nearly a full command of the abilities they've inherited. And though they were born from mortal stock, they're now as much a group of godly beings as any other pantheon in the cosmos.

What's more, when the original powers fell, they also infused other mortals present at the great battle with a touch of divine blood - not enough to turn them into deities, but just enough to place them above the ordinary sods of Aebrynis. These blooded folk became the rulers of the land, but some of them have since travelled to the planes, where they've been objects of curiosity and wonder (before getting put in the dead-book).

The blood of one of the original powers - the evil god Azrai - also runs through the veins of certain residents of Aebrynis. But instead of giving a berk the strength to rule, the blood twists him into a frightful abomination. These monsters're called awnsheghlien ("blood of darkness") by the elves of the world, and a reclusive awnshegh known as the Blowfish is thought to make his home on Gehenna.

'Course, many of the nonhumans of Cerilia have their own powers. Moradin of the Dwarves has made inroads into the sphere, and Karthathok, the Goblin deity, seems remarkably similar to Maglubiyet. A few Abyssal lords've even pushed through the barrier: Yeenoghu, Baphomet, and Kostchtchie have all gained worshippers here. Chant is that Torazan, the god of the world's orogs, is also an Abyssal lord (though that's not been confirmed).

The Cerilian pantheon is mainly concerned with just one place: the continent of Cerilia on Aebrynis. They don't meddle in planar affairs, and they don't create any proxies to carry out their edicts - they're just not involved enough yet. No doubt that'll come in time.

The Cerilian Powers

Avani Sun, reason, magic
Belinik Battle, feuds, fear
Cuiraecen Battle, storms
Eloele Night, darkness, thieves
Erik Forests, hunting, nature
Haelyn Noble war, leadership
Kriesha Winter, monsters
Laerme Fire, love, art
Nesirie Seas, grief
Ruornil Moon, magic, night
Sera Wealth, luck