Goblin Pantheon

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Some planars say the goblins are nothing more than cheap knock-offs of orcs, that goblins have no identity of their own and rely on the imaginations of others to get their deeds accomplished. Well, sods who flap their bone-boxes like this have another thing coming. For all their diminutive size and savage reputations, the goblins're more crafty than most folks'd give them credit for. They've scrabbled along through the ages, surviving by the skin of their fangs, waging endless wars on Acheron with the orcs of the battle cube. The pantheon of goblin powers commands both surly cunning and brute strength, tempered by intelligence that makes their charges stronger than expected.

The head of the pantheon is Maglubiyet. He rules from a flaming iron throne, crushing all contenders. Maglubiyet oversees both goblins and hobgoblins, but he tolerates no dissent between the two races - or at least none that works against mutual growth and survival. He lets the other deities of the pantheon wield considerable strength, though only up to a point: Maglubiyet crushes any berk who threatens to grow too powerful. Thus, the rest of the goblin gods bow to his wishes, content to fill their roles, afraid to entertain thoughts of revolt.

The Goblin Powers

Bargrivyek Cooperation, territory
Khurgorbaeyag Slavery, oppression, morale
Maglubiyet War, rulership
Nomog-geaya War, authority