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"Lord of Depths and Darkness"
Pantheon: Goblin
AoC: War, rulership
Symbol: Bloody axe
Home P/L/R: Acheron/Avalas/

Maglubiyet controls the goblins and hobgoblins with a strong, unyielding fist, dominating the two races through visions sent to his shamans (or, in some cases, through the clan chiefs themselves). He tolerates no infringements on his power; he crushes all interlopers, and is just paranoid enough to find interlopers everywhere. If there's one thing Maglubiyet teaches his people, it's that a body's got to look out for number one.

The deity has a true passion for war and destruction. He sends his chosen on missions of devastation simply for the glory of battle - it's up to the lesser powers to push for such things as survival and expansion of the races. Maglubiyet used to have a pair of sons as his lieutenants; however, because of the very nature of goblin life, he decided he couldn't trust them. So he disposed of the sods by sending them on disastrous charges against the orcs and dwarves. 'Course, now he wishes he had cutters he could trust to go on important missions.

Maglubiyet's realm - also the home of the rest of the pantheon - is called Clangor, a society of strict hierarchy and rugged order. A berk who doesn't keep his place is cut down faster than an orc recruit. The realm's on one face of an iron cube of Avalas (the first layer of Acheron), and it's a land of cold metal and hot blood. Towers and burgs rise up from the surface of the iron, but because buildings are wrecked whenever the mammoth cube crashes into another, the goblins also tunnel deep below the ground to keep from being crushed.

Maglubiyet retains a handful of baatezu advisers (including his proxy Rostorhan, a cornugon), though he's always peery of treachery. Aside from the other members of his pantheon, he has few friends among the powers. He just chalks his isolation up to the demands of godhood, though it likely says more about his character than anything else - not all pantheon leaders are as shunned.