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"The General"
Pantheon: Goblin
AoC: War, authority
Symbol: Crossed sword and axe
Home P/L/R: Acheron/Avalas/

Nomog-Gaeya, the grim patron of hobgoblins, is said to be one of the finest military commanders on any plane. He's stoic, gruff, and brutal, exemplifying all the traits hobgoblins seek to emulate. The deity barely controls his hatred for Bargrivyek, who he sees as a weakling, but Nomog-Gaeya knows that to smite the Peacekeeper would be to invite the wrath of Maglubiyet, and he's not ready for that.

Fact is, though Maglubiyet wouldn't believe it, Nomog-Gaeya has no wish to supplant the pantheon leader. He knows his own place too well, and knows that he's not qualified for the greater power's work. Instead, the General is quiet, speaking only when he must - one of the qualities that makes him so valuable as a commander.

Chant is Nomog-Gaeya's the one who charged tho hobgoblins with settling the giant mesa Redspike, and the berks did just that, turning the whole thing into a cross between a town and a giant tower. It's the main burg of the hobgoblins of Clangor, and any planewalker who finds himself in trouble with the realm's goblins might try his luck in Redspike. Playnig the two races against each other is a dangerous game, but it just might save a body's skin now and again.